Interface PHRUTS_PlugIn


A PHRUTS_PlugIn is a configuration wrapper for a module-specific resource or service that needs to be notified about application startup and application shutdown events (corresponding to calls init() and destroy() on the corresponding PHRUTS_ActionService instance).

PlugIn Actions can be configured in the phruts-config.xml file, without the need to subclass PHRUTS_ActionService simply to perform application lifecycle activities.

Implementations of this interface must supply a zero-argument constructor for use by PHRUTS_ActionService. Configuration can be accomplished by providing standard PHPBeans property setter methods, which will all have been called before the init method is invoked.

  • author: John WILDENAUER <> (PHP4 port of Struts)
  • author: Olivier HENRY <> (PHP5 port of Struts)
  • version: $Id: PHRUTS_PlugIn.php,v 1.3 2008/05/21 16:39:50 ohenry Exp $
  • copyright: Copyright PHruts 2008

Located in /action/PHRUTS_PlugIn.php (line 41)

Method Summary
void destroy ()
void init (PHRUTS_ActionService $service,  $config)
destroy (line 45)

Receive notification that our owning module is being shut down.

  • access: public
void destroy ()
init (line 57)

Receive notification that the specified module is being started up.

  • throws: PHRUTS_ServiceException If this PHRUTS_PlugIn cannot be successfully initialized
  • access: public
void init (PHRUTS_ActionService $service,  $config)
  • PHRUTS_ActionService $service: PHRUTS_ActionService that is managing all the module in this web application
  • PHRUTS_ModuleConfig $config: PHRUTS_ModuleConfig for the module with which this plug-in is associated

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